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How realistic is the Prison Earth concept?

Not as farfetched as you might think. Though UFO sightings are generally thought of as the work of cranks and frauds, more and more convincing evidence is surfacing.

I've noted several links below to sites showing the increasing number of sightings. Even well-known scientists are getting into the act. Are some of them fakes? Probably. But are all of them?

You be the judge.

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Even the famous physicist, Steven Hawking believes in aliens. See what he has to say. If human behavior is any indication of what aliens will be like, then we'd better start preparing to defend ourselves. Even if the alien life forms we encounter aren't intelligent, think of the havoc an alien virus could have on us. The Native Americans were devastated by diseases western Europeans brought over. Invasive species of plant life from other parts of our world have completely wiped out native species across America. Even if the aliens we encounter are friendly, they may inadvertently kill us off anyway. It's something to think about.

You might think the UFO crash I refer to in Prison Earth is derived from one of a few actual sightings of these strange craft. Not so. Go to and see for yourself how many different sightings have been made. The range of photographs is amazing. Even though some of them may be hoaxes, the number of smiliar images from different sources makes it difficult to say they're all fakes. We don't know if these craft are of terrestrial origin, but we can say they aren't the kind of aircraft we normally see.

Prison Earth refers to the Tunguska event. This is an unexplained explosion in Russia that decimated 1,000 square kilometers of area in 1908. Though it has been explained as a comet or meteor strike, no evidence of either has ever been found. One Russian Scientist is convinced that debris discovered in the area is from outer space and implies an intelligence is associated with it.

MSN Report on the 8 reported UFO sightings that generated the most buzz. Some are easily discounted, but others...

Of course, one cannot talk about alien encounters without mention of Area 51 and Roswell New Mexico. The Roswell accident is probably one of the first incidents of the government claiming such wreckage to be parts of a surveillance or weather balloon.

Alien life could already be on Earth.

Are we alone? We may soon find out.

Center for UFO Studies - Definitions and explanations for UFO sightings.

UFO Chronology - UFO sightings by year.

The Majestic Documents - discusses the different official US Government UFO investigations, showing actual documents.

Extensive information about crop circles

UFO Abduction researcher, Budd Hopkins

Dr. Bruce Maccabee, physicist