Prison Earth
Where Earth is a prison for alien beings

This is the official web site for the Prison Earth series.

The first book in this series is, Prison Earth - Not Guilty as Charged, and will be released on January 21st.


Prison Earth

Our planet as a prison for aliens.

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One of my favorite authors and also a personal friend, Jessica Maxwell has recently released a wonderful, and funny adventure book about her unplanned and even unwanted discovery of her spiritual side. Roll Around Heaven is available in all major bookstore, and online. Check out her web site at

You might think the UFO crash I refer to in my first book is derived from one of a few actual sightings of these strange craft. Not so. Go to and see for yourself how many different sightings have been made. The range of photographs is amazing, even though some of them may be hoaxes, there are similarities between some of the craft shown that make it a bit hard to totally discount. We have no way of knowing if these craft are of terrestrial origin or not, but we can say they aren't the kind of aircraft we normally see.

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