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Cookie Policy

为了使大发体育在线的网站正常工作,大发体育在线有时会在您的设备上放置cookie,以使网站更好地运行. This policy will explain which cookies we use and what they do.

Newcastle University

We have a range of cookies with different categories:-

  • Necessary Cookies –these are required to allow the website to perform properly; for example, 它们有助于支持显示给您的页面的结构, allowing you to navigate through the website.
  • Statistics related Cookies -these are used to collect and report information on how you use the website; for example, 无论你是第一次访问还是再次访问该网站,以及你在页面上停留多长时间.
  • Marketing Cookies (Tracking and Social Media) – these are used to track visitors and allow third party tracking; for example, 跟踪您和您的浏览行为,并识别您是否通过大发体育在线的付费媒体广告访问.

Necessary Cookies

Cookie Purpose
lastTitle 查看相关模块信息时,存储上一页标题. 仅用于导航目的,当web浏览器关闭时将被删除. (Newcastle University)
lastUrl 在查看相关模块信息时,存储到上一页的链接. 仅用于导航目的,当web浏览器关闭时将被删除. (Newcastle University)
__atuvclocuvc Used by the AddThis – a social sharing widget. Its main purpose is for functionality.


Used by service to authorise our use of the service for embedding media. 


这些YouTube cookie有助于跟踪特定嵌入YouTube视频的观看次数. 


Each course has multiple course codes (depending on mode of study, year of entry etc), 在用户选择“立即应用”后,这个cookie存储了这些课程代码的列表。. The data is used to prefill the postgraduate application portal. (Newcastle University) 
PGCourseTitle Each course has a unique title. This cookie stores the title and, after the user selects 'apply now', the data is used to prefill the postgraduate application portal. (Newcastle University)
__hs_opt_out This Hubspot cookie is used by the opt-in privacy policy to remember not to ask the visitor to accept cookies again. 当您让访问者选择不使用cookie时,将设置此cookie.
(Expires: 13 months)
__hs_do_not_track 可以设置此cookie以防止跟踪代码向HubSpot发送任何信息. Setting this cookie is different from opting out of cookies, as it still allows anonymized information to be sent to HubSpot.
(Expires: 13 months)
hs_ab_test 此HubSpot cookie用于始终如一地向用户提供相同版本的 A/B test page they’ve seen before.
(Expires: end of session)
_key This HubSpot cookie is used when visiting a password-protected page, 设置此cookie后,以后从同一浏览器访问该页面时不需要再次登录. The cookie name is unique for each password-protected page.
hs-messages-is-open 这个HubSpot cookie用于确定和保存聊天小部件是否为未来访问打开. It resets to re-close the widget after 30 minutes of inactivity. 
(Expires: 30 minutes) 
hs-messages-hide-welcome-message 这个HubSpot cookie用于防止欢迎消息被驳回后一天内再次出现. 
(Expires: 1 day) 
__hsmem 该HubSpot cookie是在用户登录HubSpot托管站点时设置的. 
(Expires: 1 year) 

Statistics Related Cookies

Cookie Purpose
_utma This Google Analytics cookie stores each user's amount of visits, and the time of the first visit, the previous visit, and the current visit. (Google Analytics)
_utmc 这个谷歌分析cookie与_utmb一起工作,计算用户何时关闭浏览器.
_utmz 这个谷歌分析cookie存储你来自哪里(如搜索引擎,搜索关键字,链接). (Google Analytics)


This Google Analytics cookie is used to distinguish users. (Google Analytics)


这个HOTJAR cookie在单个浏览器会话期间唯一地标识访问者,并指示他们包含在受众示例中. (Hot Jar)

Marketing Cookies

Cookie Purpose
datr 这个Facebook cookie用于识别会话,用于跟踪目的. (Facebook)
fr 这个Facebook广告cookie用于传递、衡量和提高广告的相关性. (Facebook)
这个Twitter cookie允许Twitter的内容显示在网站页面上,并允许页面在Twitter上共享. (Twitter)
ISSU We use to embed publications in our web pages. Used to monitor access of (ISSUU)






This is the main HubSpot cookie for tracking users. It contains the domain, utk, initial timestamp (first visit), last timestamp (last visit), current timestamp (this visit), and session number (increments for each subsequent session). 
(Expires: 13 months) 


This HubSpot cookie is used to keep track of a user’s identity. 此cookie在提交表单时传递给HubSpot,并在删除重复联系人时使用. 
(Expires: 13 months


这个HubSpot cookie跟踪会话(一系列用户交互). 这用于确定HubSpot是否应该增加__hstc跟踪cookie中的会话数和时间戳. It contains the domain, view count and session start timestamp.
(Expires: 30 min) 


Whenever HubSpot changes the session cookie – see above, 该cookie还被设置为确定用户是否重新启动了浏览器. 如果HubSpot管理cookie时,该cookie不存在,则认为它是一个新的会话. 
(Expires: end of session) 


这个HubSpot cookie用于识别通过消息工具聊天的用户. If the user leaves the website before they're added as a contact, they will have this cookie associated with their browser. If the user returns to the website in the same cookie browser, the messages tool will load their conversation history.
(Expires: 13 months)

How to control cookies

您可以控制和删除计算机上已经存在的cookie,还可以设置大多数浏览器来阻止它们被放置. 你通常可以在浏览器的“选项”或“首选项”菜单中找到这些设置. If you do this, however, 每次访问网站时,您可能都需要手动调整一些首选项.

了解更多关于cookie的信息,并获得如何调整浏览器设置以接受cookie的说明, delete or reject cookies, visit

Google Analytics -选择退出谷歌分析跟踪所有网站访问工具

Twitter Twitter正在改变他们允许用户选择退出基于兴趣的广告的方式. 他们提供了以下选项,而不是浏览器的“禁止跟踪”功能:

  • if you are on the web, 你可以访问数字广告联盟的消费者选择工具,选择不看Twitter上基于兴趣的广告
  • on your mobile device, 在你的iOS手机设置中启用“限制广告跟踪”设置, 或者Android手机设置中的“选择退出广告个性化”.