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Your Home At Newcastle University

Find out how to collect a parcel, what you need to do if you have an overnight visitor, and how to be environmentally responsible whilst living with us.

Energy and recycling

As residents of our community, we strongly encourage you to embrace your environmental responsibility and show your support for the University's Environment Sustainability Policy. To make this easier for you, we offer a variety of resources and recycling options on-site. Here are a few simple steps you can take to reduce your impact on the environment:

Post and parcels

Learn about how to manage and receive post and parcels in your accommodation. 


Letters and small parcels delivered by Royal Mail will be placed in your flat/floor’s letterbox, located in or near your building. You can access your mailbox at any time using your key/key card. Don’t forget to lock the letterbox after accessing it.


For parcels that are too large for your letterbox, are delivered by a courier other than Royal Mail, or require a signature, we will take them in at reception on your behalf, log them on our computer system, and store them for collection. Please note, due to health and safety reasons, reception will not accept items that are too large/heavy for one person to handle.

If you live at Carton Lodge, Jesmond Road, Windsor Terrace, or Grand Hotel, and the above instances occur, couriers should deliver your package to the Kensington Terrace reception if they’re unable to deliver it to you. For those of you that live in Bowsden Court, if your parcel is unable to be delivered to you, it should be delivered to Bowsden Court reception. Once there, it will be entered into our system and kept in storage until you can pick it up.

If your parcel arrives at any of our receptions, please wait for an email notification from Newcastle University, and not the courier/sender. As we receive hundreds of parcels per day, it can take a little bit of time to process them after the courier has delivered them, and our team will unfortunately be unable to locate your item until it has been logged and stored. If you haven’t received a notification within 24 hours of its delivery, then please don’t hesitate to visit us at reception to ensure there hasn’t been an IT issue. Please bring photographic ID (preferably your student ID as we can scan its barcode and save you a wait!).

You can collect your parcels during the reception’s opening hours. We aim to log parcels on the day of their delivery, however we’re not always able to process parcels that arrive in the late in afternoon. This may mean that if you parcel is delivered late afternoon on Friday, it might not be ready for collection until Monday. If you urgently require a parcel and are unable to wait, you may be better to use a click and collect option nearby. 

Please be aware that food deliveries will not be accepted and must be delivered to you directly. Additionally, items on your tenancy agreement's prohibited list will not be accepted. Deliveries cannot be accepted until you have completed the check-in process, and it is recommended that you not order items for delivery prior to your arrival, as they may be rejected and returned to the sender.

If you live at Carton Lodge, Jesmond Road, Windsor Terrace, or Grand Hotel, it should also be noted that some couriers may choose to return the parcel to their collection point or depot rather than bring it to Kensington Terrace reception. For instance, Amazon couriers may not be able to bring your parcel to the reception. It is recommended that you have your Amazon parcels delivered to an Amazon locker, as there are several lockers nearby. 


Overnight Guests

You are allowed to host an overnight guest for a maximum of two consecutive nights and up to three nights in a seven-day period. As the host, you will be held responsible for your visitor's behaviour, so it's advisable to make sure you have a close relationship with them before inviting them into the building. To host an overnight guest, please complete the form at least two working days (Mon-Fri) in advance, or by 10:00 AM Thursday for weekend guests.

Temporarily going away

We are aware that you may be away for an extended period of time, particularly during the holidays. For the health and safety of all residents, you must inform us if you will not be in your residence for a period of seven days or more during your tenancy. To do so, please fill out this form.

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