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Joining Newcastle University through Clearing? We're here to help.

Accommodation for students applying through clearing

If you’re joining us through clearing, you may be eligible for our Clearing and Insurance Guarantee on our New Student Guarantee page. This means that we will offer you a room in either our University-owned accommodation, in a managed partnership, or with an alternative private provider, so long as you meet our eligibility criteria. 

Allocations priority will be given to students who have a firm offer with us, and we will assign their rooms first, but our Clearing and Insurance Guarantee is there so we can support you in your quest for accommodation. When applying for accommodation through clearing, our availability may be limited and your preferred accommodation may not be available. We aim to process this within two to three business days. Remember that it’s the people you live with that make your experience.

You can familiarise yourself with all our residences, room types, and accommodation options in advance.


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