Prison Earth

Where Earth is a prison for alien beings

Next Generation Indie Awards Finalist for 2010

Prison Earth - Not Guilty as Charged was a Finalist for the Next Generation Indie Awards. Out of thousands of entries, only four are selected from each genre for the final round. According to the Indie Awards web site, "Any books named a winner or finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards are considered the "cream of the crop" and are held in high regard."Next Generation Indie Awards Finalist



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Prison Earth Cover

Book cover art by Kari Angle


Prison Earth - The Resurrection and the Lie

The Triumph and Tragedy of War

The third book in this exciting trilogy, brings to a head the conflict between the Antrakans and the Maatiirani pirates. This is a non-stop adventure you will be hard pressed to put down.

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Prison Earth Cover
Prison Earth Cover
Prison Earth - Not Guilty as Charged






The Triumph and Tragedy of War

Stretched across our region of the Milky Way Galaxy, this epic story follows the challenges of war, filled with passionate desires, heart-wrenching tragedy, and a deep-seated need for revenge.

Humans and aliens are thrown together as they struggle to not only save themselves, but the very existence of their civilizations: Humans fighting to end the use of Earth as an alien prison colony, Biquicha searching for a way to recover their lost civilization, Antrakans desperately struggling to protect their planetary federation from the brutal Maatiirani pirates and their nearly unstoppable fleet.



Freedom is a Choice and a Constant Struggle.

Intra-galactic war exposes Earth to a universe few on our planet could have imagined, but the mix of alien species, clashing cultures, and the threat of imminent death makes survival a daunting challenge for humans and aliens alike.

Mobia: kidnapped and forced into an arena with five others to fight a genetically enhanced monster, this Antrakan soldier organizes his people to win their freedom. However, the escapist colony they are exiled to is haunted by the Angel of Death, and she has Mobia in her sights.

Bouche Perpatton: after a miraculous chain of events brings Bouche to Earth, word spreads that she is the Madonna Returned from Heaven, and her unborn twins will be the Second Coming. She resists the title, but who else can bring Earth’s people together to fight alien space pirates determined to wipe out the human race?

Pana Khephra: desperately searching for a way to help the Antrakan people win the war, Pana is trapped inside a living planet. She must help the planet and its siblings defeat their mother, to stop her from enslaving everyone Pana loves.


The greatest treachery is a false freedom.

Wyatt Simmons and Megan Simplot are neighbors, living peacefully in the hills of western Oregon. That is until their murders reveal a surprising truth about life after death.

In PRISON EARTH – NOT GUILTY AS CHARGED Earth is a penal colony where the souls of an alien species’ worst criminals are implanted in humanoid bodies to live among us while believing they are human. Sophisticated computers and alien minds manipulate the daily lives of everyone on Earth with the goal of rehabilitating the criminals.

But this carefully managed system breaks down when different alien species fight for the key to the ultimate power of the universe and the very existence of all known life.

Stunned by this new reality, Wyatt and Megan must risk not only their new bodies, but their precious souls in the struggle to prevent a cataclysmic explosion as destructive as the Big Bang.

Check out these reviews of Book 1:

By John C. Dhabolt  (Nashua, NH United States)

It's been quite awhile since I've read any sci-fi, but a relative highly recommended the book, so since I was between books (I'd just finished The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest) I thought I'd give the genre another try...and am very glad I did. Some books take a little time to fill in the back story and slowly get you up to speed on the characters, but Prison Earth jumps right in and guides you through from beginning to end. It's a fast paced book and a quick read, especially since it's difficult to put down once you get started. I was initially a little concerned that the synopsis on the back cover gave away too much...but was pleasantly surprised to find this to be just the entry point into much bigger, and very thought provoking concepts. I hope to read more from this author in the near future.

By Anthony Fernandes "Author of Airship Eagle"

If you like fast-paced sci-fi action, this book is for you. It caught my interest right from the start with good characterization and a premise that kept me turning pages. The story is structured like a movie, with quick scenes keeping it moving right up to the end. The dialogue is very natural and there are interesting ideas that add much to the story--explanations of common beliefs and theories such as reincarnation, UFOs, the Big Bang, etc. The alien races are varied and I especially enjoyed the humor supplied by the goofy two-headed KokoroTetians. I am very impressed with this author and look forward to reading his next book.